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Key Benefits See some Screen Shots below

Email, save and print Invoices, Quotes, Purchase order with one click of the mouse. Also SMS to cell phones.

Look up Invoices, Quotes, Customers, Products, Services etc. via , Invoice No., part of the customer name and a whole host of simple and useful search criteria.

Pre can Material, Labour and Jobs

Stock control

Quoting and Job Cards with automatic Invoice generation.

Complete accounting system

Cheque book and bank reconciliation

Profit and Loss on date ranges, Employee, Job Card, Invoice

Balance sheet and numerous business, sales and financial reports.

Point of Sale, Payroll

Everything is automatically updated when you save an Invoice or Purchase etc. No posting required.

Invoices, Deliveries and all other transactions can be overwritten ie. changed

Book a Job, generate a job card, insert variant parts and labour onto job card. Order, deliver and process returns from job card. Assign employees to labour on the job card. Generate an invoice off the Job Card.

Complete tracking of purchase order, deliveries and returns against Customers and Jobs

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This is the sales main screen.


This is the invoicing screen. The invoicing screen is used as the work bench where you can create new customers, parts, services, accounts, jobs and other types of entities. From here you can also lookup invoices, customers, service history, products etc.

When you record an invoice all the booking is performed at the same time without the need for double posting.

When you record an invoice, the stock is automatically updated. Recording an invoice also does you your bookkeeping including but not limited to the GST reports, Profit and Loss, Customer Statements and many other standard business informational needs.

An invoice can be emailed, recorded and printed all at the same time.


You can search for an old invoice on many fields.


This is where you receive your deliveries. You can email the delivery note at the same time you record and print it. All the posting is performed at the same time without the need for double posting.



This is your stock control information. Detailed information is maintained on each product. This information is automatically update and maintained for you as you buy, produce, sell and dispose of goods.


This is where you record services for reuse to save time when you are invoicing or purchasing.


This is where you create all your business accounts.


This is one of the GST/BAS reports. Tradepronamics provides numerous other business and financial reports including Profit and Loss reports on a period in time, Job, Invoice No., Customer and Supplier statements, Stock Control reports, Sales and Services Analysis reports, Purchases reports, Banking reports, Balance Sheet etc.


This is where you do your bank reconciliation.


This is the Point of Sale screen, if you need to use a Point of Sale system.


You can search for a variation on various search criteria.


This is your job cards.

After you have done the job, and invoice can be generated off the job card.

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